Fizzbit football set

Make your own Football action game!

Welcome to Fizzbit Football. Just like a real pro coach you've got to plan and execute brilliant plays to beat your opponent. Unlike pro football you don't need millions of dollars to have your own team - just a few Fizzbits and a printer.

Fizzbit football teams, the Dragons and the Unicorns
Fizzbit football happning

How to make your own Fizzbit Football Game:

Step 1: Download and make your teams, pitch and ball below

Step 2: Buy four Fizzbits from our partners Kitronik

Step 3: Get playing!

Image of a Fizzbit, a small orange circuit board with a male USB connector at one end, a small motor at the other and a capacitor in the middle


Photo of dragons players


Photo of more dragons players


Photo of unicorns players


Photo of more unicorns players

Fifth Players

Photo of dragon and unicorn player


Photo of playing field

Ball & Turkey

Photo of turkey and ball

Blank Players

Photo of blank player

Fizzbit Football League

Rules of play

Each human player is allowed five paper players on the pitch, two of which should contain Fizzbits (these are the Fizzbots). Whoever won the toss starts with posession at their own 30 yard line. They have three chances to drive the ball 10 yards forward. Both human players should line their players up in two lines, with three in the front and two behind. Where the Fizzbots are positioned within this formation is up to each player. Before the play starts both human players should hold their Fizzbots in position. The human player whos team has the ball counts down from three and all Fizzbots are released at the same time. The play finishes if the Fizzbot carrying the ball runs completely out of bounds (with both feet), if they fall over, if they run into the opposing endzone, or when all the Fizzbots stop moving. At the end of the play the Fizzbots should be re-charged and the formations set up again. If within the three attempts the ball is driven more than 10 yards past the original start position the team gets three more chances to advance ten yards from where the ball stopped. If they fail to advance ten yards within the three attempts the ball turns over to the opposing team. After a touchdown the opposing team begins with with the ball at their own 30 yard line. Touchdowns are worth 6 points and games last as long as you want them to. If you think these rules could be improved please get in touch: